We have a Club for You!

Vincennes University’s Information Technology Department has several clubs that allow students to not only socialize and connect with like-minded associates in their field of study, but also gives them hands on training. Whether they are gaining valuable experience helping non-profits in the IT-Hack events, learning the ins and outs of Windows servers in the Black Hat Wars, or socializing all night at a Campus LAN Party, The Information Technology Department has a club that serves students as well as the community.


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The VU IT-Lead is responsible for hosting the VU-Hack events on campus. Members of the IT-Lead locate local non-profit organizations that have need of a website, application, or other IT related problem and offer assistance. During the VU-Hack event, members work in small groups trying to find the best solution to the non-profit’s problem. At the end of the event, the solutions are reviewed by a board of judges and the best solution is chosen.

Students who participate in the IT-Lead gain hands on experience in Computer Programming, Information Technology, Web Design, and Game Development, as well as collaborating with other IT majors. Experience in the IT-Lead not only improves the community, but gives students valuable training for a carrier in Information Technology.


C.C.I. – Cyber Crime Investigators

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 The Cyber Crime Investigators Club hosts the Black Hat Wars, Bot Wars, and Cyber Security Awareness seminars. The Black Hat Wars is an event where members group together and compete in order to break into local servers in the VU Secure Data Center. Members are given a list of tasks in order to bypass Windows security protocols, and allow themselves access to a secure server. Members learn the vulnerabilities of the Windows servers and how they can circumvent these vulnerabilities in future careers.

C.C.I. is also hosts LEGO© Bot Wars. Members combine programming and engineering skills to design and implement robots built for specific tasks. These Bots are taken to competitions around Indiana to compete with other colleges. C.C.I. Awareness Seminars teach individuals with little knowledge of fundamentals internet safety. Members of the C.C.I. help future professionals safeguard against, phishing attacks, scams, and viruses.

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C.G.C. – Campus Gaming Club

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The Campus Gaming Club hosts the Campus LAN parties as well as the Gamification Projects. The LAN parties are twelve to twenty four-hour events where members compete in various Local Gaming Tournament throughout the night.  The C.G.C. also comes together to plan and create programs and applications that give incentive to students to complete school projects through gamification.