The IT Lead Mission:

Committed to providing the students of Vincennes University with an organization that allows collaboration and social gatherings in which Information Technology topics are a focus. The goals of the group include, but are not limited to:

  • Provide students access to computers and software to explore different types of technology.
  • Developing relationships with local companies to gain insight of how Information Technology plays a role in various industries and supply chains.
  • Networking among group members to foster mentoring of Associate degree program students with students from the Baccalaureate degree program.
  • Provide Community Service opportunities by developing Software or providing other technical services to members of the local community.

Using Technology to positively impact and engage with our community is a main initiative of The IT LEAD. Each year, The IT LEAD hosts VU HACK events that demonstrate this initiative. VU HACK events are competitions that allow Information Technology students to work in teams against the clock to develop a solution for a client. The clients are most often local businesses or organizations needing help with a technology project such as a website, promotional campaigns using social media, or database applications.

Email faculty advisor Professor Jaci Lederman at for more information on how The IT LEAD can connect with you and your organization.


Bryce Mattox

Bryce Mattox is a senior in the Information Technology Baccalaureate degree program. His duties as the president of the IT Lead include: marketing the events, making decisions on the nature and content of projects and competitions that are held. In addition he is in charge of the social media relations of the IT Lead and the IT department.

Vice President

Matthew Wilson

Matthew Wilson is a Senior in the VU Information Technology degree. His duties include, documenting meetings, and preparing as well as giving presentations.




Janae Graber

Janae Graber is a Senior in the VU Information Technology degree. Her duties include, filling out budget requests, and making sure we have the budget to run the events throughout the year. 




 Chris Bowen

Chris Bowen is a Senior in the VU Information Technology bacehlors degree and has his associates degree in video game development. His duties for the club include, documenting the meetings, and the events themselves so we have a record for what we have done.



The IT LEAD host on campus VU HACK events where they hack with Technology. Anything from modding Skyrim to building IOT devices that sometimes involves fruit!

The IT LEAD competes in the annual BallState IS Competition. The team develops a complete technology capstone project to Showcase at the event, as well as develops a solution to a case study while attending the competition. Since 2016, the teams have placed in the competition.