Bryce Mattox

Bryce Mattox is a junior in the VU Information Technology degree. His duties for the club include, planning meetings, organizing meetings, planning LAN parties, and organizing all documents for the club. He is also the secretary of the IT Lead and president of the SGA.


Vice President



   John Vinnedge

John Vinnedge is a junior in the Information Technology degree. His duties include, planning online group meeting times, managing the CGC Dischord channel, and being in charge if the president is not around. He is also currently on the SGA executive board serving as the SGA’s treasurer.




    Steven Wilson

Steven Wilson is a junoir in the VU Web Design degree. His duties include, **** He is also the President of the VU Campus Gaming Club which hosts the LAN party each semester.




    Ryan Jett

Ryan Jett is a sophomore in the VU Computer Programming Technology degree. His duties for the club include, documenting the meetings, and the Hack itself so we have a record for what we have done.

Mission Statement: We host and plan gaming parties for anyone in the community (18+) to come and have fun playing their favorite games. We host anywhere between 4-8 tournaments per party depending on if they are 12 and 24 hours long. There is a 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place prize for each tournament. There is also a midnight snack, usually pizza and drinks, for everyone who attends. Parties are usually the last Friday of every month during school years.

Goals: Plan and host gaming parties for 100+ participants each month. Make sure all participants feel welcome and have fun at each event. Provide food and prizes for participants. Allow others to find people who play their favorite games and make new friends. Provide a “safe space” for nerds.

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