Dell TechDirect


Vincennes University Department of Information Technology is pleased to introduce the Dell Tech Direct program in the classroom. The Dell Tech Direct program offers training to students to help them earn the Dell Certified Technician credential.

Once a student becomes Dell Certified they are able to perform warranty work on Dell equipment, dispatch parts, and manage support cases. This new IT offering will give students the skills and knowledge needed to make an immediate contribution to employers.

“Dell Inc. has been the number one supplier to U.S. businesses both large and small for 10 years and ships an average of 140,000 devices each day, equaling nearly one per second.” (Ahmad, 2016).

“With Dell playing such a big role in the PC market, I felt the Dell Tech Direct program would be a perfect way to give our IT students job ready skills.” Greg Hirsch, Assistant Professor of Information Technology.

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Here is a photo of one of our students who has received the certification!