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Black Hat Wars 2016 was a huge success!!
After gaining a foothold on a PC in a secured network, students learned how to traverse the network like an experienced hacker and learned the following skills:

1. The use of lock picking skills and techniques to trick the tumblers and circumvent the security of a mechanical lock.

2. Bypass the security of a PC that required a supervisor password in order to boot.

3. Using command line and PowerShell utilities alone, connecting to a domain controller and

gaining remote PowerShell access.

4. Using PowerShell commands within the remote PowerShell session on the domain controller, the students created a new unauthorized user on the network masquerading as a legitimate user.

It took students about 2 hours to complete all of these tasks with Team 4 (Chris Magna, Noah Ross, Jon Stephens) completing all tasks first. Students were able to learn how hackers attack endpoints, gain a foothold in a real network, and then how experienced hackers are able to escalate privileges by creating rouge users.

“It is very important that students understand the methodology that hackers use to escalate their privileges on a network and the security flaws that allow this to happen. I am very proud of these students and the skill sets they are developing.”
Greg Hirsch, Assistant Professor of Information Technology.